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95 Creative Marketing Agency Partners

From Us

We came together to create something special, and with each of our unique skillsets we're doing just that. We are proud to be partners, and a part of the 95 team.

Thoughts on Collaborating 

When we started 95 I knew that I really wanted to focus on creating a collaborative environment; one that I hadn't necessarily seen or experienced before. I wanted our team members to feel supported in their own professional journeys, and our clients to always be happy with our services, but what I felt was going to be central to all of that was everyone being willing to work together. If you can collaborate, you can achieve great things and I truly believe that's 95 Creative's biggest strength.

- Aubrey, 95 Partner

Aubrey Schwartz 95 Creative Parther

Thoughts on Creativity 

Whether its a logo, website, social media, lobby/tradeshow or anything in between, 95 has you covered when it comes to inspired design. Client direction is our number one priority.


As little or as much involvement as a client chooses, we are always an extension of their marketing team. With years of experience and loads of talent we pride ourselves as always being able to deliver.

From the digital world to the 3/D world, we can realize your needs with strong design and budget conscious execution.

- James, 95 Partner

Jim - 95 Creative Partner
Janet - 95 Creative Partner

Thoughts on Client Relationships

I think there's a misconception about agency and client relationships where a hierarchy exists that doesn't necessarily benefit the relationship. I want our team to be the listeners, the ones who are at the table with our clients sharing thoughts and ideas. It's not about having the greatest answer, but collectively coming to a strategy that we both believe in. Sometimes not saying anything at all can have the most impact on fostering that extremely important relationship.

- Janet, 95 Partner

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