"I'd give each one of 'em a stick and tell em to break it. Course they could real easy. Then I'd say, 'tie them sticks in a bundle and try to break that.' Course they couldnt. Then I'd say, "that bundle...that's family."


Alvin Straight - (The Straight Story)


Whether running a business or running after her kids, Aubrey is happiest when her client partnerships are as strong as their online strategies. With over a decade in the digital space and having previously run her own online agency, Aubrey is excited to unite both on and offline services with 95 Creative.

James Burke

Co- Founder

With over 30 years in the 3 dimensional branding space James loves to assess the big picture. Whether it is the family run operation down the street or Microsoft headquarters in Washington state, Burke brings the same outside-the-box thinking and comprehensive strategy in helping clients realize their vision.

Janet Kalandranis

Business Development

Running with over 15 years of client experience from financial brands to those that have the perfect french baguette, Janet has a love for cohesive brand strategy both online and on your front door. Her best ideas pop up with a good cup of coffee or during an ice cream break.

Aubrey Schwartz

Co- Founder

Christine Sullivan

Creative Director

Christine might not be the tallest in the crowd, but her innovation and design have brought big results to all her clients. She adores spending time with her children, while she cherishes their naps even more, that’s when her creative juices really begin to flow.

Madison Powers


Madison joins 95 Creative with over 10 years of marketing and public relations writing experience, and can’t wait to do more for our clients. She loves coming up with creative ways to showcase client work, and always does it with enthusiasm. Outside of work, you can find Madison playing with her daughter, pursuing her (healthy, she swears!) obsession with home renovation, or begging her husband to get another dog.

Olivia Ghiz

Paid Search Specialist

Olivia is our resident digital media maven. She’s worked across Facebook, Campaign Manager, Pinterest and LinkedIn but specializes in Paid Search – she can help your business reach its goals within your budget. She’s been in the industry about 5 years now, and always has her finger on the ever-changing digital landscape (looking at you, Google). In her spare time, she's off exploring the North End or eating pasta.


Heather Dillon

Account Management

Heather is an experienced product specialist with a background in investment management. A lover of visual data and understanding the story behind the numbers. Heather is a practical optimist that enjoys problem solving and helping others within the community. A wife, and mom to three kids and an English Bulldog, running and tennis keep life in balance.

Joel Leone

Content Creator

With over 10 years of design experience in the corporate, fashion, and freelance worlds, Joel's passion for captivating design has extended to everything from corporate rebrands to full apparel collections, and has recently delved into the ever elusive field of dog portraiture.

The Brains Behind 95 Creative